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Article 1
Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January 2019 in Alès, …….. Pôle Mécanique Alès Cévennes, Laval Pradel, Saint Julien les Rosiers and La Grand Combe.

Article 2. Event principle
24MX ALESTREM is an individual « extreme » enduro competition. This event takes place on 2 days as following:
• Saturday from 9:00 a.m. (subject to modification): 2 specials, selection kind, to determine the departure timetable for the following day: 1 extreme type special in natural environment from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 1 enduro race in artificial environment from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
The endure cross type special race will be run on a playoff round.

• Sunday, 10 riders will start every 2 minutes for all the pilots on the “main” run. The departure order will be set after the results of the two selection sessions run the day before.

Article 3. Number of agreed riders: 500 riders.

Article 4. Groups allowed to run
NCO and LJA2 licenses are allowed. The riders choosing a LJA2 license must produce a medical certificate, (less than 3 month old) established by a French doctor. Registering on LJA2 licences will be made only on the French Federation internet site: http//
Article 5.1 Registrations and cancellations
• Fares are 180€ including registration, plate numbers and numbers with one…… every round on Sunday.
Registration session is from September 1st 2018to December 5th 2018. Depending on the number of riders registered, a waiting list will be open. No registration possible after this date. Registration is made only on line on the site . In accordance with the sport code article N° 2.21.9, the organizing committee is enabled to refuse a registration without giving reasons.
Start numbers will be based on the previous competition,on the chosen category and possible numbers.

Article 5.2 Categories
At the time of registration, every rider chooses a category. No change in category will be possible after payment to 24MX ALESTREM. Categories will have no influence on the selection day format. For the main race, categories will determine the number or rounds to run. Here is the categories detail:
• PRO (Black): 3 rounds/laps to run (no restriction)
• NATIONAL (Red): 2 rounds to run (no restriction)
• FEMININE (Pink): 2 rounds to run (women only)
• VETERAN (Blue): 2 rounds to run (aged over 40 only)
• JUNIORS (Green): 2 rounds to run (14 to 20 years old pilots only)
Article 6. Withdrawals
Withdrawal must arrive to WTT by mail. If arrived before November 25th 2018, fares will be refunded after a 50€ deduction for application fee. If withdrawal arrives after November 25th 2018 fares will not be refunded. Registration is nominative and cannot be transferable or modified without Moto-Club Welcome TT agreement. Only medical reasons attested by a medical certificate can give access to refunding and before December 20th 2018. After this date, no refundwill be possible.
Article 7 Motorcycles

Motorcycles must conform to the traffic rules and to the current FFM rules. Trial bikes are forbidden. The machines must be equipped with a FIM certified and catalogued tire at the back wheel. At the front, a tire certified for riding on public roads is compulsory. The license number must be written in indelible form. Beware, a part of the race is run at night. Bikes lighting must be in excellent functional condition. A complementary improved lighting is authorized. If lighting is not sufficient or do not meet the standard, the bike pilot will not be authorized to run. Setting up a strap at the front of the motorbike is compulsory.
WW and W garage license plates motorbikes are not allowed.
Unregistered and lighting free bikes are permitted only for the electric race. Those 100% electric bikes will only run the prologue set in Alès town center, on the closed special and shall not run on the public roads.

Article 8 Administrative check

Administrative check will take place Friday 18 January, from 3:00 7:00 p.m. and Saturday 19 January from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. When arriving, pilots will have to present the race engagement form, their driving license, the motorbike map grey, the insurance certificate and the license (for the daily licenses, it is compulsory to present a medical certificate permitting the practice of bike sports, less than 3 months old. In return, they will receive a complete file of the race, with all the information needed.

Article 8 Administrative check

Administrative check will take place Friday 18 January, from 3:00 7:00 p.m. and
Saturday19 January from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. When arriving, pilots will have to present the race
engagement form, their driving license, the motorbike mapgrey, the insurance certificate and the
license (for the daily licenses, it is compulsory to present a medical certificate permitting the
practice of bike sports, less than 3 months old. In return, they will receive a complete file of the
race, with all the information needed.

Article 9 Technical check

Once agreed by the administrative check, racers will have to present their bike at the technical
check (same dates and time than administrative check) with their mapgrey and the check file they
got from the administrative check.
Noise control: t : 78 dB/A at 100m and so: 112 dB/A at 2m following the 2m. Max method. (cf. Art.
7 of the enduro FFM 2017)
The part named underneath will be marked so that they cannot be changed during the race.
– 1 mark on the steering column on the right side of the bike frame
– 1 mark at the center of the hub of the front wheel
– 1 mark at the center of the hub of the rear wheel
– 1 mark on the right side and one at the front of the engine
– 1 mark on the silencer
After being controlled, the pilot will sign the technical check file, after having checked all the
marks meet the standards.
It will be possible to change the rear wheel during the Sunday race provided it has been presented to
the technical control.
Later, no claim concerning a forgotten mark will be accepted. Every engine which has not been
presented to the technical check or which has not met the standards will not be authorized to race.

Article 10. Closed parking
Once the controls finished, the pilot must immediately ride his/her bike into the closed parking and
walk out immediately. Moving the bike when placing it in the park or when going out will be done
without the help of the engine.

– Work on a bike = disqualification
– Receiving a tool or a piece = disqualification
The organizers disclaim responsibility in case of accident, robbery, loss, damage, deterioration of
the participants’ material.
Every pilot must attach his/her bike with an anti robbery system and even in the closed parking.

Article 11. Repairing and refueling

They are permitted in the dedicated places (environmental mat compulsory) at refueling point.
– refueling while engine on = disqualification
– refueling out of zone = disqualification
Access to the assistance park is only open for vehicles with an access proof ( sticker badge provided
by the organizer) stuck at the front right side of the vehicle wind screen. No other vehicle allowed.
No waste must be left on the different sites and on the assistance park on pain of exclusion.
Every assistance team must respect the place given by the usher. Going out of the parking will be
definitive except on a particular situation and after examination by a technical supervisor.

Article 12 . External assistance

External assistance is permitted at refueling area only, by persons wearing a bracelet provided by
the organizer. No other person is allowed to act on the bike. Mutual assistance on the itinerary is
permitted. Spectators assistance is strictly forbidden in any case. Only the Marshalls will be
authorized to help the pilots on the itinerary, in case of traffic jams and on strap equipped
motorbikes only. Help from Marshalls will not be systematic!!!!!!

– External help out of refueling place = disqualification
– Assistance from spectators = disqualification

Article 14. Selection specials

The special “extreme” will be run on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. on. It will be possible for every rider
to run the special 1 or 2 times. Only each pilot’s best time will be kept. The 100 first pilots scratch
will qualify for the “endurocross” prologue.
The “endurocross” special will be run on a playoff sets principle by groups following a race chart in
3 rounds: sets, finals and Super Final.
Qualification sets (for 100 competitors)
Riders will be divided in 5 groups of 20 riders:A,B,C,D,E.
Each group runs a 3 to 10 rounds race, the 8 first in each group qualify for the final. Thus, 40
qualified pilots will take part in finals 1 and 2.
In the finals 1 and 2, the first 10 pilots in each final will qualify to run the Super Final.
The Super Final will be run by the first 10 riders from each final on 6 to 10 rounds. The final
ranking will determine the start order for the following day for the 24MX ALESTREM.
Sets → 20 racers on the starting line:→ first 8 qualified
Finals → 20 racers on the starting line:→first 10 qualified
Super Finals →20 racers on the starting line →first 20 from the prologue
For scratch ranking, at first the 20 pilots who have run in the Super Final will be ranked, then the 20
pilots of finals 1 and 2, based on the time they performed. The other pilots will be ranked on the
base of the time they performed during their race, from the 41st position.
Beware: the number of racers shall not exceed 20 pilots in each group. Each pilot who, accidentally
will be out of the track must return in the track at the place he has left it unless he/she will incur

Start order will be as following;
– 1st to 100th →Prologue ranking
– 101th to 500th →Extreme Special ranking

Article 15. Race start 24MX ALESTREM, Sunday January 20th.

Going out of the closed park will be from 7:30a.m. on, in order to take the motorbikes.
Pilots must know their racing number and their going hour.
A compulsory breifing will be held at 8:00 a.m.. Assistances and pilots are asked to leave the Pôle Mécanique from 8:30 sharp. From 9:30, each pilot will have to go to his/her line position to place his/her motorbike. The departure grid will be composed of 45 lines of 1à pilots. At 10:00 a. m., all the bikes must be positioned on their respective line. If arrived late, each pilot will start at the end. First departure at 10:00 a.m., 10 pilots every 2 minutes.

The departure process will be similar to the “Le Mans” departure with engines off.

Late departure→placed on the last line

Article 16. Scouting of routes
Scouting connection roads and of specials are forbidden on motorbike, 4X4, bicycles or other
vehicles with or without an engine. Not respecting this rule will result in disqualification for the
registered pilot and loss of the registration fares.

Article 17. Road signs and security
The race is run on paths and roads open to traffic, the competitors must absolutely respect the
driving rules and the road signs placed by the organizers. Signal arrows, plastic bands, “Stop”, “No
way” “Attention! Motorbike race in process” panels will be placed in sufficient number.

Attention: The race has no priority on the public traffic and a special attention is required while
crossing the paddock, on the roads open to the traffic and on the roads used for assistance. Every
pilot who would find someone hurt on the track must report to the organizers at the next CP.
A precise description of the place where the person was met shallbe given.
Beware: every pilot seen out of the circuit will be disqualified.

-Leaving the route voluntarily without permission= disqualification
– Taking the route in the wrong way (going backward) without permission= disqualification
– Non compliance with the traffic rules = disqualification

Article 18. Passage controls and refueling zones

Before starting the competition, each pilot will be given an armband. The armband will be changed
each round. Each pilot must finish his/her round with the armband in order to give it to the CP. If
the armband is lost, a penalty will be given by the race director. Refueling zones are marked with 2
white flags placed 200 meters before the checking table. Refueling is permitted in this zone. The
pilot is the only person responsible for his/her checking. The pilot is responsible for his/her route choice. Direction panels for the rounds 1,2 and 3 will be placed about 50 meters before the ramification. It is possible for the pilot to choose the superior difficulty but never the inferior one.
10 pilots, selected by the organizers, will be equipped with a GPS. This equipment will be
compulsory for the 10 selected pilots

Checking will be made with motorbike compulsorily present.

An extra petrol refuelling will be made by the organisation. No assistance team will be allowed . Only the pilots will be allowed to work on their bike , if needed ,with the means they have.

In case he had a mechanic problem or unexpected, a pilot can be allowed to leave the circuit to go to a refueling zone. He, then, will have to go back to the place he left to continue the race. The race director must then be informedby the telephone number written on the bracelets given at the breifing. The pilot will have to wait for the race direction answer before leaving the circuit. He will not be allowed, in any case, to go backwards on the circuit.

– Modify or add a checking = disqualification
– Non checking at a control = disqualification
– Loss of armband or error in round = flat penalty

Article 19 End of race

End of race will be Sunday January 2Oth from 6:30 p.m. Pilots who haven’t finish the race will be
stopped at the next CP they meet. However, the organizers keep a right to modify it if conditions
needed: bad weather, modification in security, part of circuit impossible to ride……..

Article 20. Finish

The winner will be the 1st to pass the finish line, provided he/she has passed the different passage
checkings. Each pilot will be ranked after the last timed CP he has gone by, before 6:30 p.m. The
marshalls in charge of technical checking will have to make sure all the marked pieces are present
and that no irregularity has occurred. Pilots can get their bike back . after their arrival and on
presentation of their mapgrey.
After the race or after abandon, each pilot must present his/her bike at the Closed Parking (situated
next to the refueling zone) and must inform the Race PC by sending a SMS to the phone number
written on the bracelet (mentioning name, first name, race number and the reason for abandoning)

– Changing bike = disqualification
_ Marked piece absent = disqualification

Article 21. Claims

Claims must be presented as mentioned in FFM National Sport Code. Deposit amount given with
claim is 75 €. When a claim has for consequence disassembling the engine, it must be accompanied
by a 75 € deposit for the 2T engines and 150 € for 4T engines. This sum will be refunded if the
dismantled engine turns to be non conform or will be given to the pilot who had to dismantle if
conformity is recognized.

Article 22. Discipline
Pilots must accept race partners publicity on their bikes. If they refuse, fees will be doubled. By
enrolling in the race, pilots accept a possible use by Moto Club Welcome TT or by partners, of
pictures (films, photos). Any behavior or attitude creating disorder in the race good progress or
creating damage to environment will have for consequence the disqualification of the driver
responsible. Using the race track is forbidden on a day other than the race day.

Article 23. Prizes ceremony
Prizes ceremony will be hoed the very evening of the race.

Prizes not claimed during ceremony will return to the Moto Club WTT and will not be given.

Article 24. Insurance

For the race, the organizers have subscribed an specific liability insurance from MMA Assurances
in Ales (contract number to come)

Article 25. Officials

Race director: Eric Lunier
Sport marshall: Thibault Giacomi
Technical marshall: Guy Mivelaz

NB: For any case, non mentioned in the present rules board, FFM rules of the current year are

Article 26.1. Audience dedicated assistance

Saturday January 19th
-1 VPSP composed of a doctor plus a pair of paramedics
Sunday January 20th
1 VPSP for the Mercoirol spectators zone composed of a doctor and a pair of paramedics in each

Article 26.2 Race dedicated assistance

Saturday January 19th
-1 VPSP composed of a doctor plus a pair of paramedic s
Sunday January 20th
2 complete VPSP composed of a doctor and a pair of paramedics with a 4X4 vehicle. This team
will be placed on 2 race zones.
VPSPs will be regulated by a person from ASSM 30 situated in the race PC during the 2 days.