Press Accreditation2024-01-11T14:12:57+01:00


Want to take pictures at the 24MX ALESTREM? We look forward to welcoming you. However, some prerequisites are required to obtain a press accreditation:

  1. Have an liability insurance covering the activity of photographer in the context of a motorcycle competition
  2. Represent a media.

If you don’t have a Liability insurance policy, we can’t provide your press accreditation. Therefore, you will not have access to privileged zones. If you do not represent a media, we will do a study on a case-by-case basis knowing that you will at least provide us with:

  • All your HD photos (without watermark), which you will not be able to market without our written agreement.
  • A deposit check of 500 € to obtain your accreditation (which will be returned only after obtaining all your photos).