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Off Road Passion with MC Welcome Tout Terrain

The off road riding makes you vibrate? US too ! But staying at the corner of the fireplace waiting to be able to ride is not enough. That’s why we created the Moto-Club Welcome Off-Road, pure passion.

Welcome Tout Terrain what is it?

It is the Moto-Club 100% off-road connected to the Pole Mécanique Alès Cévennes. It was created on October 26, 2011 to develop the Off Road activity, but also to facilitate, supervise. Alès Agglomération is a magnificent region for the practice of the Enduro and the Trial. Thus, Greg Florin, the President of the Club and Patented State Instructor offers many hikes to make you discover the region.

Welcome Tout Terrain who’s who?

Simply a team of enthusiasts, who loves the bike and its region. WELCOME TOUT TERRAIN, it is a team with a state of mind turned towards the nature and the respect of the environment. That’s why we work closely with the Municipalities, the Prefecture, the ONF and the FFM. The club now includes over a hundred motorcycle enthusiasts and more than 250 volunteers at the 24MX ALESTREM.

And the 24MX ALESTREM in all this?

Barely 2 years after the club’s creation, Greg Florin and Jérémy Marin-Cudraz began to evoke extreme race. The concept and the means to achieve it are on the horizon and it is around the month of March 2014 that the 2 enthusiasts present the project to the members. If the idea is beautiful, it will be a year of hard work to achieve the first edition which remains, we hope, the beginning of a long series!

Today, the event brings together nearly 450 riders, 20 000 spectators and the images of the event go around the world. The motorcycle club is particularly proud of this success and works hard to always find new products and improve the welcome of the riders and the public while keeping safety as a guideline.

And on the Sport Plan?

The MC Welcome TT has the honor of having top level riders such as Florent Allamel and Till De Clercq. The former is an extreme specialist, former champion of France N3 and seasoned trialist, he has raced this year such renowned events as Hell’s Gate, Porto XL Lagares or even Red Bull Romaniacs. Till is a champion of the ruber with very beautiful positions in the French Championship of Enduro. Do not forget the young but quick Enzo Lunier who already shines in Enduro Kid!