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Created in 2015, the 24MX ALESTREM has only one ambition: To become the first hard enduro for all. With an increasing track level of difficulty over the laps, the event attracts as much the stars of the discipline as the extreme fans.

New Category Format: More Challenge

Designed to push you beyond your limits, the 24MX ALESTREM is above all a personal challenge. With only 4 finishers in the 2017 edition, the event is intended to be both the most accessible and the most difficult in the world. In order for the 24MX ALESTREM Challenge to remain possible, the categories are reworked. In 2017, 71 riders managed to enter the 3rd lap. Arriving at the end of the second lap is a real feat for most riders! That is why we have recast the categories of this extreme enduro.

Now, a new goal is coming, to finish the second lap! Here is a description of the new categories:

CategoryDescriptionLaps to Do
Black (International / PRO)The category is for the top 100 riders in the world, and for those who think they can enter the 3rd round.3
Red (National/ HOBBY) Dedicated to hobby hard enduro riders, from the novice of the extreme to the excellent national riders. The category is open to all nationalities2
Blue (Veteran / HOBBY) This category is dedicated to riders over 40 years old.2
Pink (Women / HOBBY) The category dedicated to the most courageous, they are little to have dared to take up the challenge, but they did it !!!2
Green (-19 / HOBBY) This category is dedicated to young talents! Between 14 and 19.2
The course is the same for all, the categories aim to rank you with the people of your level. The engine does not provide any advantage in enduro extreme, we do not take them into consideration (except for the 125cc ride by under 20). As for the Black category, it is intended for the elite of the discipline, we do not issue any restriction for those who wish to register, however, we will carry out checks before validating the category.