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Administrative and Technical Checks

Administrative and technical checks will start on Friday 17 January from 15:00 (until 19:00). It is possible to carry out the checks on Saturday mornings from 7.30 am to 8.30 am, however, we recommend that you prefer Friday afternoons. You will have to go to the Shoya Tomizawa Room to carry out the Administrative Controls and at the entrance to the Closed Park located on the North Paddock for Technical Control.

We remind you that the paddock is in the Pôle Mécanique Alès Cévennes, it’s not allowed to:

  • Plant pickets in the bitumen
  • Make Fire
  • Drain his Camping Car
  • Throw Tires
  • Throw oil out of the dedicated tank
  • Clean your motorcycle with your own high pressure cleaner

On the Pôle Mécanique, you will have access to sanitary facilities equipped with showers. Electrical terminals as well as water are at your disposal. Be sure to purchase caravans and water pipes and fittings if necessary.

 Documents to be submitted to the Administrative Checks     

  • Driver’s license
  • Bike registration
  • Certificate of Insurance (W garage prohibited, the insurance must specify that you are insured for a competition)
  • FFM license (NCO or LJA only): Please note that you will need to submit a medical certificate if you wish to take the LJA license on site. Only the model of Certificate recognized by the FFM will be accepted. Click here to download the Type Medical Certificate.

All documents must be valid at the time of the verification and for the duration of the competition.

What license for the 24MX ALESTREM?

Only 2 licenses are accepted for the 24MX ALESTREM. The valid licenses are exclusively those provided by the FFM (Fédération Française de Motocyclisme). FIM European or International licenses are not valid to start the 24MX ALESTREM.

Licenses allowed:

  • LJA2: License 1 Event
  • NCO: Annual License

To subscribe to an LJA2 online license, click here.
Find out how to subscribe to the LJA2 license after the page.

Technical Checks

During the technical checks, you must present:

  • Motorcycle complying with regulations (+ 2nd rear wheel if applicable): The presence of the crutch is mandatory
  • Bike Registration card
  • ECE 22-05 P approved full face helmet (+ 2nd night helmet if applicable): No Jet helmets will be permitted for any of the 24MX ALESTREM events.
  • Back Protection (Approved 1621-2)
  • Anti-theft approved SRA (compulsory for placing in the closed park)

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we will be particularly vigilant about the presence of FIM-approved tires and a sound level lower than 112db. Nuisances and degradation are the main causes of the peril of the discipline. Be sure to present a clean motorcycle that complies with FFM standards. Think about checking your headlights, brake pads, foot rests and all the safety features of your motorcycle.

Technical controllers will be present throughout the weekend to ensure compliance with environmental and safety regulations. So make sure you have environmental mats and a fire extinguisher.