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  • Place: Avenue Carnot
  • City: Alès
  • Schedule: Saturday, January 19 2019 from 16h00 to 19h00
  • Number of show points: 2
  • Parking: Privilege parking at the Quai de la Brigade du Languedoc
  • Sanitary: No
  • Buvette: A refreshment bar on each side of the Gardon



Distance from other Spectacular Points:

  • 5 km from PS Pôle Mécanique (about 8 minutes)

CAUTION: Parking will be very difficult in downtown. We advise you to give priority to carpooling. Thank you for using only authorized parking areas so as not to disrupt road traffic.

Ideally located on Avenue Carnot in downtown Alès, the prologue is one of the highlights of the event. You can appreciate the spectacle from the banks or seen from above taking care not to sit on the parapet. The new route passes on both banks: The Show will be there. Entirely made up of artificial obstacles, the Prologue is the only selection event where the riders are in direct confrontation. With departures 20 by 20, the show promises to be animated until the finals in the early evening.



The opportunity to share a convivial moment in the many shops near the event. The members of the organization have the habit of naming this place Robert’s prologue, in honor of its prime contractor, Robert Dufaud (President of the Moto-Club Primeur), who devotes body (and heart) and soul to the realization of this highly appreciated course. We count on you to make the atmosphere warm!

Thanks to Robert and his whole team!!!

2017 Prologue Graham Jarvis Onboard