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Optional GPS Tracking

Why use the GPS Tracking service?

For this 6th edition and always in a logic of evolution, we offer an optional tracking service. The main objective of this service is to increase the safety of the pilot, but also to promote his follow-up by assistance.

VDS Racing and the Moto Club Welcome TT, to help you discover this option, offers Tracking at a single price of € 20 / GPS instead of € 45 (provided for administrative checks).

Increased security

By subscribing to GPS tracking, you are followed live by the PC. We see your position in real time, but you also have the possibility to send an alert in case of problems (injury, report the incident of another problem, failure etc.). In addition, if you stay still for too long, the PC will contact you and send a team to check that there is nothing wrong.

This GPS option allows you to call the PC at the touch of a button, and even send them photos of your situation (with the mobile app).

More effective assistance

Logistically, your assistance has direct access to your position and can thus predict your arrival at the supply, see your evolution in the course.

Note for the Assistance: You do not have the authorization to follow the rider by vehicle or by foot under penalty of disqualification. Similarly, you do not have to contact the PC for a problem that is outside the refueling zone located at Mercoirol.

How to use the GPS Tracking

The Tracker is the same size as a mobile phone. You should place it vertically in your backpack. When retrieving the GPS, the VDS team will provide you with identifiers and passwords to connect to the app. This will allow you to follow the pilot live during the main event on Sunday.

It is imperative to download the application as soon as possible. Please note: there is an iPhone version and an Android version.

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