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24MX ALESTREM 2019 Time Schedule

Find the schedule of the 24MX ALESTREM 5th edition. 2 days of racing 100% Hard enduro at the gates of the Cevennes.

Friday 17 January 2020HoursPlace
Administrative Check15:00 - 19:00Pôle Mécanique
Technical Check15:00 - 19:00Pôle Mécanique
Extreme Fan Zone15:00 - 18:00St Martin de V
Riders Briefing19:15 - 19:30Pôle Mécanique
Saturday 18 January 2020HoursPlace
Administrative Check07:30 - 08:30Pôle Mécanique
Technical Check07:30 - 08:30Pôle Mécanique
Riders Briefing08:30 - 08:45Pôle Mécanique
Mitas Extreme Test + Closed Park Opening09:00 - 13:00Pôle Mécanique
Lunch Break13:00 - 15:00Pôle Mécanique
Qualifying Series Prologue16:00 - 17:45Centre-Ville Alès
Prologue Semi - Final 17: 50 - 18:35Centre-Ville Alès
Prologue Final 18:40 - 19:05Centre-Ville Alès
Prologue Podium19:20Centre-Ville Alès
Closed Park Closing20:00Pôle Mécanique
Sunday 19 January 2020HoursPlace
Riders Briefing08:00Pôle Mécanique
Riders on Race Grid09:00PS Mercoirol
Start of the 6th 24MX ALESTREM10:00 - 11:20PS Mercoirol
Best Riders estimated arrival16:30 - 18:00PS Mercoirol
Stopping all riders at the last CP crossed & Return Mandatory towards the Mercoirol's Closed Park (departure zone)18:30PS Mercoirol
24MX ALESTREM Overall PodiumFrom 1st ArrivalPS Mercoirol